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In House Dental Benefits Plan

Membership in our In-House Dental Benefits Plan is available to all patients.  After payment of an annual fee, members will receive the following:

2 Regular Dental Check-ups:


                  Digital X-Rays (if necessary)

                  Dental Cleaning

                  Oral Cancer Screening with oral hygiene instruction

2 Emergency Visits:

                  Problem Focused Exam

                  Single X-Ray (if necessary)


20% Discount OFF Our Usual & Customary Fee:

A treatment plan will be provided in writing for all recommended procedures displaying the regular fee and the discounted rate.  Exceptions will include whitening treatments.

                  Prices:                     Adult:       $362.00

                                                   Couple:    $636.00

                                                   Child:        $210.00


No waiting Periods/No Claim Forms/No Restrictions on Treatment/ No Predeterminations Necessary/ No Age Limitations/ No Annual Maximum Coverage